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CRIP Themes Aand SMF 2.0.9!

Crip themes and SMF 2.0.9 are not going anywhere, so if your using SMF 2.0.9? then you need not worry, it will be around for a long time and many of us are supporting it along with the SMF site! The themes are Free! And we are Very Friendly here, We well understand the feeling of being new! :)

Crip AKA Jeffrey P Rodefer

June 12, 1962 - January 2, 2014
“I have fought a good fight I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.”
II Timothy 4:7

On November 28, 2013, Jeff posted his last status update on his Facebook page.  Being a very religious person, his status on that day was simple and elegant, the passage shown above from II Timothy 4:7.

At 5:30 AM on January 2, 2014, our friend and colleague Jeff made the final trek into the light and, no doubt, met his beloved Mother and his Saviour Jesus Christ at the Rainbow Bridge, where he was escorted into the Gates of Heaven to sit at the right side of God the Father.

He was our Team Member, and we all loved him, but, more importantly, we all respected him.  In fact, everyone who ever knew him respected him for the work he did throughout his life.  I have tried to count all the ways that he helped all of us but the list is so extensive that one loses count after awhile.  It is conservatively estimated that Crip created nearly 500 unique SMF themes, but that number may indeed be much greater.  He did this while sitting in his wheelchair and using sticks in his mouth to tap out commands on his mouse and keyboard because of the terrible accident that occurred when he was only 25 years old that paralyzed him from the neck down.

Jeff is now at peace with his disability.  In the last year, he lost both his Mother and his Father, and missed them both very much, but is now, no doubt, making themes in Heaven for his God.  He will be missed by all who loved and respected him.
Jeff and his beloved Mother from the early years
~ before the accident that took his mobility ~

On the evening of New Years Day, Jeff had a good last supper, according to his sister-in-law Connie, and then went to bed early, as was his custom.  He woke up early on the morning of January 2nd, as was also his custom, gave Connie some simple last instructions, and went back to sleep.  He never woke back up and passed at 5:30AM that morning.  According to Jeff's wishes, there will be no Funeral Service for him, and he requested that no flowers be sent or donations made in his honor.  For those who knew him, you all know that he was a simple man.  His only instruction for us was "that ZarPrime and Maxx keep my website going for as long as they can."  We will adhere to his wishes as long as we can but we may seek help from some of you who might choose to volunteer to help us.

Despite the fact that Jeff didn't want anyone to go out of their way to honor him, Connie gave me an address so that those of you who wanted to could send messages or cards of Condolence or remembrances of our friend.
Jeffrey P Rodefer

Jeff, or Crip, as we knew him, in later years

“Random Quotes”

PROV 8:17 I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.
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05 Jan 2013 - Orangeway]theme

Latest theme is called : Orangeway ..
A clean , modern , with orange and light colors and gradients.. 2.0.2 version.



17 Dec 2012 - Marine]theme

New Theme I call: Marine is a SMF 2.0.3 version.


A very clean Theme with Dark/Light blue colors and Gradients. Theme contains CSS-3 , with a nice BoardIndexTemplate..• Logo.PSD file *Not* included..(( Basic Crip Style you can get only here.

29 Nov 2012 - Dark Knight]theme

New Theme I called: Dark Knight is a SMF 2.02 version.
A very Dark Theme with Dark and gray gradients and colors.
Theme contains CSS-3 , A smooth drop_Menu and nice BoardIndexTemplate..
=>Logo.PSD file included..

Basic Crip Style you can get only here.




27 Nov 2012 - CZ Ink]theme

My New Theme I call: CZ Ink is a 2.0.2 SMF version.



Theme does contain some CSS3 , which is a light in color Theme...
Has light & dark gradients & colors , basic Crip Style.
=> Logo .PSD is included.. You can get only here , so enjoy it.. ;)

09 Nov 2012 - Dark Border]theme

My New Theme I Call: Dark Border 2.0.2 version.
Tested with IE , Safari , Opera , and Chrome (for mac) browsers..
Theme contains CSS3 and dark and grey colors and gradients.
Yet another new layout for myself..A very Dark Theme!
.."(Crip style you can get only here!)"

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09 Nov 2012 - Taggs]theme

My New Theme I Call: Taggs 2.0.2 version.]
Tested with IE , Safari , Opera , and Chrome (for mac) browsers..
Theme contains CSS3 and dark and red colors and gradients.
Totally new layout for myself!.. A Light Theme!
.."(Crip style you can get only here!)"

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27 Oct 2012 - CleanWhite]theme

My New Theme I Call: CleanWhite .. mainly because it is.
Theme contains CSS3 and dark and light/white colors and gradients.
A light Wooden Background texture brings out an earth like tone to it.

For Footer sake, and correct layout appearance, please take time..
to turn on [√] Display time taken to create every page.
.."(Basic Crip style you can get only here!)"

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20 Oct 2012 - CZ Bluelite]theme

My new Theme is called: CZ Bluelite..

==> Live Demo

A light Theme for SMF version 2.0.2. Comes with a nice/neat [ BoardIndindex.template.php ] , Pure CSS3, and a smooth jQuery.js menu. Has light/dark and blue colors & gradients..and a nice layout. => • Basic Crip Style..you can only get here!

09 Oct 2012 - Inverted]theme

My new Theme is called: Inverted , a light Theme for SMF version 2.0.2.
Comes with a nice/neat [BoardIndindex.template.php] , CSS3, and a smooth jQuery.js menu.

Has light/dark gradients and orange-ish links , PSD.logo included..
=> Basic Crip Style..you can only get here!


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