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Author Topic: Shop Look Read And Listen!  (Read 5403 times)

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Shop Look Read And Listen!
« on: Sep 18, 14, 10:14:09 AM »
Just Buy what you need!  Not what's nice to have!

Before you Buy a new Laptop, Please read carefully the specs and what is included, in your laptop of interest! reviews are important, but you must read, to see if they a Valid complaints or just the person behind them?

Now days you can get a laptop in the USA, For at times less than $300 to up in the thousand dollar ranges.

Now some main things that buyers are upset and complaining about, are the following:

1. No optical drive, ( now, this seems to be excluded on many a laptop today, be it cheap or expensive ) units. so please read first! and also keep in mind that external DVD and or HDD's are getting cheap all the time.

2. They a offered out with Windows 8 or 8.1  Pre installed. Now this is, something you will need to get use to, and once you do it's not that difficult, even for this old guy to  work with. ( first thing after setup is back up the clean fresh install on an external drive). I like Win 7 better, but I must learn the new and deal and roll with changes!

3. Touch pad and over all build of the laptop. Now is some thing that every should be getting use to by now, even the desk tops, are not  built battle ship grade materials like back in the day.

Today things are built for comfort in handling and carrying  and the commendation of all things or technologies that are or maybe included in the small units! The touch pad can be worked around with a mini mouse and the touch pads are for me hard to use because of me, I have this issue with all touch units, and mobile devises. This may be because of the electro static build up in the my fingers and body! and now days they are making them a bit more sensitive than ever! A touch screen is nice to have but not need on a tool. ( laptop) tablets / mobile yes! (toys mainly anyway).

I see many are complaining about things they don't like, that has not much to do with the the product it's self. So please look into the reviews before you turn down a great deal!

You may also want consider why are the prices getting better, It's like everything else, it ads, and promotions. If the OS comes with stuff you don't like then... if possible remove that stuff and don't buy apps you do not need!

I got a Great Deal on a Dell and it does what I purchced it for, very nicely made and it starts up in the Desk top view mode, the way I want! starts fast and shut down even faster, has a DVD R- RW, windows 8 and very please with what I got for the price, my son purchased the top of line of another make  and it had no Optical drive same OS and  and a bit faster, but way over kill in price> I tried to convince him to get a lower priced unit with more features, but know, I' have got have the best, not knowing, one bit about it. Just what they told him... you know the hype!

If you don't find all the information you need at the site your on, book mark it and try the manufactures site, and you could also download the PDF files for the user or owner's manual and get know it before you jump on board, some may even off and maintenance type manual or service manual.

Now I can run all the programs he can same monitor and I can play a DVD anywhere and he can not, unless it on a stick??

I have nothing against the brands, but will it do what you want it to is just or is it over kill?

Now I can buy a Tablet and a windows phone and still have money left if, only I shop for what I need and not what's popular!

MY desk tops I build the way I like them, so no issues there for me..and this where most all my real work is done



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Re: Shop Look Read And Listen!
« Reply #1 on: Sep 18, 14, 10:21:24 AM »
If you have questions or doubts please ask some one! remember, it's your money and your decision!

You can find all kinds of information on the Net Now days  YouTube may just be what to need, for the HOW to Use these things and their programs that are installed in them!
Just type in the brand and model ( search) if not search the Web!


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Re: Shop Look Read And Listen!
« Reply #2 on: Sep 18, 14, 02:41:30 PM »
Great info Maxx.  O0

I have been buying retired Dell Latitude business laptops for the last 5 or so years now. They are durable machines with some very good options. Have been paying on average about the price of a low entry retail machine ($200-$300).

My kids were very rough on the first few retail laptops we tried. They really weren't designed for the use or to be repaired. The Dells can be repaired cost effectively if damaged. I've replace keyboards, screens, etc very reasonably. Have done all the repairs myself.

Kids are running windows 7 OS on their systems and I'm running Ubuntu on 2 laptops I have. My machines are older now but still work great. I am personally done with Windows. I'm no Linux guru but it seems easier to understand than Windows. I also don't like touch screens because of all the smudges. Also not into tablets or small devices. I like a bigger screen to work with.

Definitely a lot of choices out there now. Pricing has also come down a lot in recent years giving you even more options in devices and features.