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Crip AKA Jeffrey P Rodefer

Started by maxx, Sep 15, 16, 11:58:32 PM

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Yikes! I said i wasn't gonna miss it and did! Too busy thinking about going back to work!

Miss ya, bro! Knock 'em dead up there! :)


Quote from: maxx on Dec 17, 16, 08:28:54 PM
Thank you for what appears to be kind and thoughtful words. Although Jeff did all this work and free to all. He had made a mark in the world to toughs  of us that worked with him and as far as all the people that use and have used his work, there are very few who even stop by to say anything at all or to thank him :(


Thanks for the kind words. Yes, my intent was pure good. I only wanted to thank both Jeff and yourselves that run this beautiful site, which is obviously helpful to so many.

Yes, I did forget to say Merry Christmas, so a belated one to all of you and Jeff included of course, it's his thread after all... and Happy New Years too - to anyone that might be reading.

I'd like to urge anyone else that makes use of Jeff's works to comment... though I know from what you said he doesn't need the glory or ego massage, it creates an energy of movement, and this is such a great site. It's one way to support it.


Speaking of supporting Jeff's site, do you have a donations button here? I would like to know if when I have extra money that I could show some appreciation. I hope this isn't considered off topic.


That is very considerate of you, however we do not take or except Donations, to us as well as the SMF community! We are keeping this site up in the memory of a great friend.

Thank you and kind regards


Okay then, that's that cleared up then. :sb:  Just thought that perhaps it would help with costs. But anything done from the heart like that is precious, so I see why you're wanting to do things that way.


Does anyone have an image of Jeff so we can get these images posted again?


I thought these were on our server?

No, I do not have the pics.  :P


Don't worry, I've found 8 of them courtesy of Les. I may make a collage or just add them all to the gallery.


What a relief!...........Thought those might be lost.

We should store those on our server. No need to link to outside hosts is there?


Of course you mention that AFTER I upload them to my server and take about 20 minutes to edit the first post! LOL

I'll upload them here and re-edit the post. LOL