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Title: My SMF 2.1 Test site
Post by: Maxx on Dec 05, 14, 09:43:57 AM
This is where, I'll be testing out the Mods and Themes.
So far the 2.1 Beta 1, looks good and works well.;

But not intended for live site at this time ( att)

Most all mods , of course need updating to match the upcoming version, No 2.0 themes will be compatable with the version, they must be made new ( In My Humble Option, or customize the default theme for the new, as I have done. I've been told to consider a different approach by some, but possibly they know not what it takes to do the 2.1 themes. the new default Is way different and a bit more involved, but I like it and it serves the system well.  I've been working with these themes from the time the 2.1 Alpha, first can to light, so not new at this.

Anyway, once I get a better handle on the latest, I will be working more on the templates as well and the style. but for now you can see what I'm up to here:

NOTE: on the Mods some may appear to work with the SMF 2.1, but will have many install errors and errors in the admin logs and there is always the security issues. so don't let anyone tell you, it's all good, because it not yet!!! some may have to be emulated , but you will still have the errors and security issue!

If you'll notice I already did a custom Main_menu, to match the responsive design :)

The SMF 2.1 Is moving forward as I can tell, so lets hang in there at let them do there magic!


Title: Re: My SMF 2.1 Test site
Post by: Scrubmeister on Dec 05, 14, 04:19:37 PM
Looks good!  O0

Keep up the good work.  :)
Title: Re: My SMF 2.1 Test site
Post by: Maxx on Dec 06, 14, 06:55:49 AM
Thanks and I'll try! gonna start another soon! but they will not be ready until the SMF version is!
Title: Re: My SMF 2.1 Test site
Post by: BurkeKnight on Dec 06, 14, 10:00:48 AM
I used to have a list of small mods that worked in previous versions on 2.1 Alpha.
I have yet to test them for 2.1 Beta.

I do know, that some of the mods I worked on, are no longer needed, as they have been put into SMF 2.1 core. :)
Title: Re: My SMF 2.1 Test site
Post by: Skhilled on Dec 16, 14, 09:29:06 AM
That's a nice dark theme. :)
Title: Re: My SMF 2.1 Test site
Post by: Maxx on Jan 19, 15, 07:34:38 PM
Yes some others are starting to do the 2.1 Beta themes and others are working hard on the mods.

Some are asking me for this theme, but can't do it until at least the RC1 comes out and after I test on that. then I may put some here, not sure yet!

I really liking the 2.1 So far!