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Title: Maxx (maxx)
Post by: Scrubmeister on Feb 15, 18, 11:55:44 AM
Maxx was one of Crip's friends and admin here on Cripzone.

After Crip's passing Maxx did a majority of the work keeping this place up and running. He was a Sargent in the Air Force and Vietnam Veteran. Maxx was in poor health towards the end of his life but was always willing to help others and pass on his knowledge.

One of his sites is still active: (

He also helped others through Build and Tell which is no longer active.

R.I.P Maxx and thanks for all the help.
Title: Re: Maxx (maxx)
Post by: Oldcrow on Jun 12, 18, 11:28:45 AM
R.I.P. Maxx, you did a fine job.

I often wondered what happened to Maxx, thanks for the info.