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Title: My forum...
Post by: Hatshepsut on Oct 25, 20, 03:16:44 PM
Here is my forum:

The forum uses Cleanwhite 2.1 theme, modified by me :)
The reasons for modifying theme are: 1) Aesthetic, and 2) To make theme compatible with SMF 2.1 RC3  :)
Title: Re: My forum...
Post by: Skhilled on Oct 27, 20, 09:51:32 AM
It looks very good and your forum is very interesting! :) I planned to do the same for CleanWhite but have been busy helping a friend with his forum.

You do have one issue in the Info Center. The h4.subgb's have rounded left sides and straight right sides...the grey bars. All subgb's on the forum are like that.