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Hey Nineteen by Steely Dan
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Hey Nineteen by Steely Dan


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Re:Steely Dan FM
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Steely Dan FM

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Re: Steely Dan "FM"
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Give her some funked up music, she treats you nice
Feed her some hungry reggae, she'll love you twice
The girls don't seem to care tonight
As long as the mood is right
FM - no static at all

This song was one of the best Steely Dan ever did, "No Static at All".  Did you know that it was written specifically for the movie "FM", a decent movie as concert type movies went back then?  In fact, I can't be sure of this but I believe this only came out as a single and was never released on a Steely Dan album unless it was in later years.  As for the movie, the only thing that was better than the movie was the soundtrack for "FM" and it was fantastic ...

"FM (No Static at All)" - Steely Dan – 4:52
"Night Moves" - Bob Seger – 3:27
"Fly Like an Eagle" - Steve Miller Band – 3:04
"Cold as Ice" - Foreigner – 3:20
"Breakdown" - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – 2:44
"Bad Man" - Randy Meisner – 2:38
"Life in the Fast Lane" - Eagles – 4:46
"Do It Again" - Steely Dan – 5:54
"Lido Shuffle" - Boz Scaggs – 3:42
"More Than a Feeling" - Boston – 4:45
"Tumbling Dice" - Linda Ronstadt – 4:51
"Poor, Poor Pitiful Me" - Linda Ronstadt – 4:15
"Livingston Saturday Night" - Jimmy Buffett – 3:10
"There's a Place in the World for a Gambler" - Dan Fogelberg – 5:41
"Just the Way You Are" - Billy Joel – 4:49
"It Keeps You Runnin'" - The Doobie Brothers – 4:13
"Your Smiling Face" - James Taylor – 2:43
"Life's Been Good" - Joe Walsh – 8:05
"We Will Rock You" - Queen – 2:04
"FM (Reprise)" - Steely Dan – 2:54

Most of these songs made me want to pickup my air guitar and strum along or sit down at my air drums and pound out the beat.  When I was the Film Committee Chairman in Student Administration (2 years in that capacity) at WVU back in the late 70's and early 80's, this film was the highlight of an entire week of rock concert films and one of the most successful weeks for attendance that we ever had.  I think the only week that beat it for attendance was James Bond week when we rented every 007 movie made to date.  I even took FM and several other concert films home that weekend, along with a projector and we had an awesome party showing these films on the front wall of the house across the street from where I lived and piping the sound from the film through my stereo for the whole neighborhood.  Awesome times for sure.

Worry the bottle Mamma, it's grapefruit wine
Kick off your high heel sneakers, it's party time
The girls don't seem to care what's on
As long as it plays till dawn
Nothin' but blues and Elvis
And somebody else's favorite song

Oh, I love that song, as much now as I did then.  One of the other songs from that movie was this one by Joe Walsh, and this one was fantastic as well ...

I have a mansion forget the price
Ain't never been there they tell me it's nice
I live in hotels tear out the walls
I have accountants pay for it all

They say I'm crazy but I have a good time
(Everybody say oh, yeah.....OH,YEAH)
I'm just looking for clues at the scene of the crime
Life's been good to me so far

My Maserati does 185
I lost my license now I don't drive
I have a limo ride in the back
I lock the doors in case I'm attacked

I'm making records my fans they can't wait
They write me letters tell me I'm great
So I got me an office gold records on the wall
Just leave a message maybe I'll call

Lucky I'm sane after all I've been through
Everybody says I'm cool (He's cool)
I can't complain but sometimes I still do
Life's been good to me so far

I go to parties sometimes until four
It's hard to leave when you can't find the door
It's tough to handle this fortune and fame
Everybody's so different I haven't changed

They say I'm lazy but it takes all my time
Everybody says Oh yeah (Oh yeah)
I keep on going guess I'll never know why
Life's been good to me so far

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Re: Hey Nineteen by Steely Dan
« Reply #3 on: Apr 11, 12, 09:09:54 AM »
I like all these tunes too , :up: :up:
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Re: Hey Nineteen by Steely Dan
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Thanks for sharing you insight on these Jim and most all the tunes I post here and on my site I have or have had and passed them on to my son on LPs. But still most I repurchased on DC and DVDs. I love good music not just the Sound crafting that great arts do with their instruments and the fantastic lyric that goes with them. For me Music is my religion and brings so many together and even after torn apart, back together again.

I was an Engineer for A FM Rock station, after my many years with the military, and did some production studio work at the same time!


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Re: Hey Nineteen by Steely Dan
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Steely Dan - Hey Nineteen
Steely Dan - FM - extended version!

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Reeling In The Years Steely Dan HQ
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 8) :coolsmiley: 
Reeling In The Years Steely Dan