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This section!
« on: Nov 24, 15, 03:43:59 PM »
This section of the site, is mainly for those, whom are new to the workings of the web and who would like to learn a bit without the need to spend big bucks to learn!

There are many resources on the Net and we will try to find the best information available for you.

You'll find many topics covering desktop software as well as inner active CMS (Content management systems) and forums and HTML/HTML5 website building and management software application.

The software is what I myself have tested and or use on a daily basis and the best for price and the job, if at all possible!

You will find on the web many ads for building sites for free, but if there is catch to them then they are very limited in what can learn and accomplish.

That being said

It will take some study, learning and work to get something worth having!

Welcome here and best of luck on the quest, what ever it may be!


in memory of Jeff! (Crip) and a special thanks to Mike Scrubby