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Author Topic: Is it a Theme problem or Not (considerations)  (Read 12396 times)

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Is it a Theme problem or Not (considerations)
« on: Oct 17, 10, 12:42:54 PM »
Please think first:

Many modifications to your forum can change the way your Theme and forums software will or may work!

If you are considering adding a new "Mod" to your forum, please keep in mind that the mods are many created to work with the Default core theme and not necessarily with the theme your site is using.

So I suggest that you first consider, will this Mod work with the theme and SMF version I'm using without changing any of the images/looks/functionality that my theme uses, especially the Tool bar menu buttons or icons! and if it may require more menu links (can they be added to my Theme's drop down menu)? through admin current theme settings?

If you start the install of any mod and it warns you that there is a page error or conflict, you best think twice before you continue, I would recommend you do not continue until you research that error and find a solution to it.

Please note that before you ask for help with your "Crip" theme, that you first write down all SMF and Theme Version information you are using and what you did before you started having these problems if anything!

Before you make any changes to your PHP or CSS files, make a back up copy first of those files!

If you make a successful installation of that mod...then make sure you go through your forums functionality completely, before you forget the mod you installed that caused the problem.

Check all menu tool bars and links, go to several post and simulate, a reply, making sure all your BBC icons are there and are working, check all you admin controls and functions.

Check error logs to see recent error entries, after the install is complete.

I maybe adding more hints to this as time goes on and permits!

Hope it helps!

Jeff, Zarprime if you like please edit as you feel and if you like please stick this post for easy find!

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Re: Is it a Theme problem or Not (considerations)
« Reply #1 on: Oct 17, 10, 12:49:58 PM »

Thanks.  Yep, this looks like it would be a good candidate to sticky.  Should I lock it as well?  I will sticky it now.



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Re: Is it a Theme problem or Not (considerations)
« Reply #2 on: Oct 17, 10, 12:53:47 PM »
Zar, if you find it useful, you may use this over there also you know!

Many problems and trouble are due to the above, please check my grammar maybe off!

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